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updated jan 15 '14
She Wears Hats

Memorial. Making new memories.

At the memorial dinner last night:
Grandpa was so glad when he married Grandma, RIP, because no man is complete without a wife.
Cousin: And after marriage, he's finished.
Me :*considers bopping him with whiskey bottle*
Me: And before marriage, he was Swedish?
Cousin: *grin* Sweedish. Oy.

Went to a memorial for grandma and met a new relative!
*tastes* eh, not worth the calories.
But better than Johnny Walker Red Label, so that's good I guess?

Went to a memorial for grandma and met a new relative!*tastes*  eh, not worth the calories.But better than Johnny Walker Red Label, so that's good I guess?

Went to my grandmother's memorial, and couldn't find the belt for my nice dress. That dress which didn't quite fit me last year but fits a little better this year - because I don't mind my round little tummy sticking out.

So my daughter offered to lend me her belt. And it fit!
**happy dance**
My 14 year old daughter's belt actually fit!

She Wears Hats

October is cold

Tomorrow will be warmer!

But for the last few days, I've been walking around with an airline blanket over my shoulders. Or over my head and wrapped around my shoulders, because darn this October was cold
Actually, that first woman is wearing an Irish arisaid.

So, who... liberated... an airline blanket, and how did you do it?

She Wears Hats


This is so weird. Christian nation? Does that mean me and all the pagans have to move out? Jesus came from my tribe, y'all, but I don't celebrate his birthday or his deathday.
Err, which is this, again?

I'd be really happy if no one ever wished me Merry Xmas, but I can't stop them.
Please show me the Arrest Folks For Wishing Merry Christmas Police, I would like to have some on hand in the coming season.
She Wears Hats

Promo for Word of the Empess

Like historical fiction? Like women working the system to save the day?
Take a look at my "Word of the Empress" page, to see what it was like to live when King Xerxes was partying hard and killing Queen Vashti... and letting Haman kill Queen Esther.
She Wears Hats

Vaccines. Medicince. Patents. Cost.

On April 12, 1955, Edward R. Murrow asked Jonas Salk who owned the patent to the polio vaccine. “Well, the people, I would say,” Salk responded. “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Right on the first point, irrelevant hyperbole on the second, according to Slatecom.

The public voluntarily funded the vaccine’s incredibly expensive research and field testing.
In the single year that the polio vaccine was unveiled, 80 million people donated money to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, which spearheaded the vaccine effort. Many donors could only afford a few cents, but gave anyway (hence the foundation’s modern name, the March of Dimes

There was near unanimity within the organization that the public had already paid for the polio vaccine through their donations, and patenting it for profit would have represented double charging. That’s what Jonas Salk should have said to Murrow—not that all vaccines belong to the people, but rather that this vaccine belonged to the people.

And besides, when they looked it up, the vaccine didn't meet the 'novelty' requirement.

She Wears Hats


My shoulder is hauling my books home from school. They are complaining, but too bad. My anti-gravity sled is in the repair shop.
I'm not especially tall, but a wheeled thingy's handle does not reach high enough, and I end up walking half twisted to keep control of it.

Wheeled shleppys do not work well for 1.4 miles.
She Wears Hats

Beach day! On a Wednesday!

Woo hoo!  Morning sessions were canceled*, and I came to work with sand between my toes!
Most gorgeous breeze off the water.

LittleRed got sand EVERYWHERE from the chin down.
MiddleRed somehow got sand on his knees, the turned up hem of his pants, and nowhere else. His white shirt remained pristine white.
BigRed and I hadn't planned to go in the sand with the kids, but what can you do?  It was there ;)

*Gotta love the holidays