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Book Review: Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

Rah, rah, football!  (That’s soccer, in the USA)

Support your Team.  Never associate with persons who support the Enemy Team.  Make a new Team, if you’re a group of wizards who suddenly have reasons to step out of the laboratory and get more physical.

Glenda, the head cook of the Nighttime Kitchen, knows there’s going to be trouble when her beautiful assistant Julia, AKA Jewels, notices Trev Likely, the odd-job man – and he notices her right back.  Glenda tries to keep Jewels and Trev apart – after all, they support opposite teams, and if Trev met Jewels’ dad in the street, they’d feel obligated to beat each other up, or at least shout aggressively.  Romeo and Juliet, anyone?  Trev himself doesn't play ball - it killed his father, a famous player, and he promised his mother he wouldn't.

No one pays much attention to Trev's buddy Mr. Nutt, who never speaks of his past.

Mr. Nutt sees foot-the-ball as a beautiful example of physics in action – and is promoted to coach in one glorious minute.  Will his new job turn him from intellectual to violence?  Or will his mysterious background get him in trouble at the worst possible moment?

Needing a day off, Glenda and Jewels head for a dwarf fashion show, starring micro-mail. “It doesn’t chafe.” The fashion model is inconveniently unable to work, and Jewels is recruited – and shines.  Should she begin her career as a fashion model?  Or stay safely in the Night Kitchen? Glenda doesn’t know what advice to give…  and slowly, her world expands to include talking back to the wizards, arguing with the Lord Ventinari, Tyrant of the City, and sassing the powerful vampire Lady Margolata.   Harder than any of those, she even stands up to her boss, Mrs. Whitlow.

When the wizard's team is pounded by the other team - several broken legs, a poisoned snack, and other bits of nastiness - Trev Likely is drafted.  Son Of A Great Man Makes Good - only he can't seem to aim the new ball.  Can Glenda pull a trick to help him win and stay within the rules?

Fashion, Football, and Romance combine in one magical moment – no, the wizards weren’t allowed to use magic in this game.  Instead, they woke up the goddess…

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